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Part No. Description Illustration
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Original Spare Parts List
Li1AH Spare Parts List BN1-BN2, english
Li6AH Spare Parts List BJ7-BJ8, english
Original Workshop Manual
Li20AH Workshop Manual BN1-BN2, english
Li21AH Workshop Manual BN4-BJ8 englisch
Li22AH Workshop Manual Austin Healey 3000 BN7,BT7,BJ7 BJ8, german
Original Owners Handbook
Li40AH Owners handbook BN1-BN2, english
Li41AH Owners handbook BN4-BN6, english
Li42AH Owners handbook BN7-BT7-BJ7, english
Li43AH Owners handbook BJ8, english
Li52AH Owners handbook AH3000 MK2-3 (BJ7,BJ8), german
Other Literature
Li82AH Die Healeys Collectors Guide 100/4 - MKIII models, german
Li81AH Das Original: Austin Healey, german
Li85AH Austin Healey 100 & 100/6 Gold Portfolio 1952-1959, english
Li86AH Austin Healey 3000 Ultimate Portfolio Hard Cover, english
Li87AH Austin Healey 3000 Ultimate Portfolio Soft Cover, english
Li88AH Road & Track On Austin Healey 1953-1970, english
Li13MGA-49 SU Carburettors “Haynes”, english
Li13D SU Carburettors practical guide, german
Li14MGA-49 Weber Carburettors “Haynes”, english
Li14D Weber & Dellorto Carburettors, deutsch
Li15MGA Weber Carburettor Manual “Haynes Techbook”, english
CD-AH/BN1-BN6 CD-Rom: Spare parts catalogue, workshop manual + owners handbook Austin Healey BN1-BN6, english
CD-AH3000 CD-Rom: Spare parts catalogue, workshop manual + owners handbook Austin Healey 3000, english

Literature is not to return or exchanged.