MG MGA | Chrome & rubber parts front

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Part No. Description Illustration
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Chrome Parts Rubber Parts front
EM03MGA-02 Badge -1600- (trunk lid + front scuttle)
EM04MGA-02 Badge -1600 MK2- (trunk lid + front scuttle)
S05MGA-02 Interior mirror
S07MGA-02 Countersunk screw interior mirror
S08MGA-02 Demister finisher
S8SPTMK3R Lucas-style mirror right hand
S8SPTMK3L Lucas-style mirror left hand
S8C Talbot-style-torpedo mirror
S09MGA-02 Chrome screw demister finisher
RT12MGA-02 Grommet set other than bulkhead (9 pcs)
S13MGA-02 Buffer bonnet lid
S15MGA-02 Plug hole gearbox dipstick
S17MGA-02 Gear lever gaiter ring
S18MGA-02 Bonnet prop rod
S19MGA-02 Retaining clip bonnet prop rod
S20MGA-02 Safety catch bonnet
S21MGA-02 Bracket bonnet catch
S22MGA-02 Spring bonnet catch
S23MGA-02 Bonnet spring cup
S24MGA-02 Pin bonnet catch
S25MGA-02 Plate guide bonnet catch pin
S26MGA-02 Spring tension bonnet catch
S27MGA-02 Set wing piping (for 1 car)(silver)
S28MGA-02 Bonnet hinge right hand
S29MGA-02 Bonnet hinge left hand
RT29MGA Grommet set bulkhead (33 pcs)
G30MGA-19 Grommet, gear lever
S30MGA-02 Vent grille
S31MGA-02 Ashtray with chrome top
F34MGA-36 Hub cap steel wheel
S33MGA-02 Body rubber set* MGA1500 roadster 90030
S34MGA-02 Body rubber set* MGA1500 coupe 90030
S35MGA-02 Body rubber set* MGA1600 roadster 90030
S36MGA-02 Body rubber set* MGA1600 coupe 90030
S37MGA-02 Body rubber set* MGA1600 MK2 roadster 90030
S38MGA-02 Body rubber set* MGA1600 MK2 coupe 90030
i117 Nut

Virtually all of the rubber, pads, seals, and such on the car areincluded in these sets, except chassis/body mounting strips