MG MGB - MGC | Gearbox & engine mountings

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Part No. Description Illustration
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Gearbox & Engine Mountings
M03MGB-03 Engine mounting front from 74 Rubber bumper model
M03AMGB-03 Bracket engine mounting rh
M03BMGB-03 Bracket engine mounting lh
M04MGB-03 Rubber gearbox mounting rear
M06MGB-03 Buffer rubber
M05MGB-03 Bush steady rod
M07MGB-03 Rubber gearbox mounting rear - only GT 65-67/3-synchro
M08MGA-13 Engine mounting front rh 62-74 Chrome bumper model
M08MGB-03 Rubber bush steady rod
M09MGB-03 Spacing tube stay rod gearbox
SR9 Countersunk screw bracket engine mounting lh 5/16”x1”
M10MGA-13 Engine mounting front lh 62-74 Chrome bumper model
M10MGB-03 Stay rod gearbox
M11MGB-03 Pin rear gearbox mounting
M11MGA-13 Bracket engine mounting rh
M12MGA-13 Bracket engine mounting lh