MG MGB - MGC | Rubber plugs & cable spouts

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Part No. Description Illustration
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Rubber plugs
RS6 6 mm
RS8 8 mm
RS12 12 mm
RS14 14 mm
RS18 18 mm
RS20 20 mm
RS22 22 mm
RS25 25 mm
RS28 28 mm
RS30 30 mm
Cable spouts
RT6 6 mm
RT9 9 mm
RT10 10 mm
RT11 11 mm
RT14 14 mm
RT17 17 mm
RT20 20 mm
RT21 21 mm
RT24 24 mm
RT30 30 mm
RT34 34 mm
RT38 38 mm
RT1" 25,4 mm (1”) Cable spout for speedo cable, rev. counter cable
RT1MGB Rubber cover brake cylinder MGB