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Triumph TR 2-6 | Diverse

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Part No. Description  
SR1 hexagon plate screw 6,5 x 20 mm (TR4-6)
SR2 plate nut for SR1
SR3 binding screw 6,3 x 22
SR4 Binding screw 1/4x1"UNF (TR 2-3)
SR5 cage , for nut 1/4x1"UNF
SR6 square nut 1/4”
SR7 countersunk screw 1/4x1/2" UNF
SR8 countersunk screw 1/4x1"UNF
SR9 countersunk screw 5/4x1"UNF
SR10 screw 1/4x3/4" UNF
SR11 hexagon palte screw 5,5 x 15 mm
SR12 hlate nut 5,5 mm for SR11
S3/16”x3/4”SK countersunk screw 3/16”x3/4”
S3/16”x3/4”LK mushroom headed screw 3/16”x3/4”
SR50 split pin 1,5 mm
SR51 split pin 2,5 mm
SR52 split pin 3,2 mm
SR60 copper washer - 1/4” inner diameter
SR61 copper washer - 5/16” inner diameter
SR62 copper washer - 3/8” inner diameter
SR64 copper washer - 1/2” inner diameter
S500UNF Ensemble 500 pieces bolts/ nuts / washers UNF