Triumph Spitfire - Herald - Original handbooks

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Part No. Description Illustration
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original handbooks
Li0SPT Spitfire MK1-2
Li1SPT Spitfire MK3
Li2SPT Spitfire MK4
Li3SPT Spitfire 1500
Li4SPT GT6 MK1-2
Li6SPT Herald 13/60
Li6aSPT Herald 1200
Li7SPT Vitesse 1600, 2L
Li8SPT Vitesse 2L MK2
Li10SPT TR2-3
Li13SPT TR250
Li15fSPT TR6 early
Li15sSPT TR6 late
Original Workshop Manual in german (de) in english (en)
Li20SPT Spitfire 4, MK2, MK3, Herald 1200, 13/60, Vitesse 1600 (de)
Li21SPT Spitfire MK4 1300 (de)
Li22SPT Spitfire 1500 (de)
Li23SPT GT6, Vitesse 2L (de)
Li25SPT TR4, TR4A (de) (*) 80033
Li26SPT TR6 (de) (**) 80034
Li20aSPT Spitfire 4, MK2, MK3, Herald 1200, 13/60, Vitesse 1600 (en)
Li21aSPT Spitfire MK4 1300 (en)
Li22aSPT Spitfire 1500 (en)
Li23aSPT GT6, Vitesse 2L
Li25aSPT TR4, TR4A (en) (*) 80033
Li26aSPT TR6 (en) (**) 80034
Li27aSPT TR2-3 (en)
Li23bSPT GT6, Vitesse 2L
Li26bSPT TR6 (**) en Français
Original Owners Handbook in german (de) in english (en)
Li31SPT Spitfire 4/Spitfire 4 MK2 (MK1-2) (de)
Li32SPT Spitfire MK3 (de)
Li33SPT Spitfire MK4 1300 (de)
Li34SPT Spitfire 1500 (de)
Li35SPT GT MK3 deutsch
Li36SPT GT6 MK1 deutsch
Li37SPT GT6 MK2/ GT6+ deutsch
Li40SPT TR4 (de)
Li41SPT TR4A (de)
Li42SPT TR5Pi (de)
Li46SPT TR6 (de)
Li50SPT Spitfire 4 (MK1, MK2) (en)
Li52SPT Spitfire MK3 (en)
Li53SPT Spitfire MK4 1300 (en)
Li54SPT Spitfire 1500 (en)
Li55SPT GT6 MK1 (en)
Li56SPT GT6 MK2 (en)
Li57SPT GT6 MK3 (en)
Li59SPT Herald 13/60 (en)
Li59aSPT Herald 1200, 12/50 (en)
Li60SPT Vitesse 2L (en)
Li61SPT Vitesse 2L MK2 (en)
Li65SPT TR4 (en)
Li66SPT TR4A (en)
Li67SPT TR250 (en)
Li68SPT TR6 (en)

Literaturu není možné vrátit, či vyměnit.
also to use in TR2-3
(**) also to use with TR250 / TR5 , bceause of identical technical components