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Triumph GT6 - Vitesse | Pins

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Part No. Description Illustration
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EM100TR pin "Triumph Earth"
EM101TR pin "Triumph Radiator”
EM102TRgelb pin " TR2" yellow
EM102TRgrün pin "TR2 green
EM102TRweiss pin "TR2" white
EM103TRblau pin "TR3" blue
EM103TRgrün pin "TR3" green
EM103TRweiss pin "TR3" white
EM104TRblau pin "TR3A" blue
EM104TRgelb pin "TR3A" yellow
EM104TRgrün pin "TR3A" green
EM104TRrot pin "TR3A" red
EM104TRweiss pin "TR3A" white
EM105TRblau pin "TR6" blue
EM105TRgelb pin "TR6" yellow
EM105TRgrün pin TR6 green
EM105TRrot pin TR6 red
EM106TRgrün pin GT6 green
EM106TRweiss pin "GT6" green
EM107TRblau pin "Spitfire"blue
EM107TRgelb pin "Spitfire"yellow
EM107TRgrün pin "Spitfire"green
EM107TRweiss pin "Spitfire" white
EM109 pin "TR5"