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high temp sealant 310 ml, red


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TYTAN High Temp Sealant resists extreme heat of up to +315°C.

310 ml cartrige.

-for sealing when repairing cars, filling and sealing of car windows, oil pans, gear boxes, valve covers, water pumps...
-protective coatings are used in areas exposed to high temperatures, eg .: drying furnaces, chimney filter, kitchen equipment, smoke and ventilation pipes.

Temperature resistance up to + 315 °C
Fast curing
Resistant to high and low temperatures
Permanent elasticity after complete drying
Well resistant to many chemicals

Base: acetoxy - sour
Skin formation time 10-20 min at 23 ° C / 50% rel. humidity
Curing time: approx. 3 mm after 24 hours at 23 ° C / 50% rel. humidity
A tensile modulus at 100% elongation 0.49 MPa
Movement accommodation: ± 20%
Shore A Hardness: approx. 22
Thermal stability: -65 to + 260 ° C, during temporary contact to + 315 ° C
Colour: Red

Meets the requirements of ISO 11600 for Type F and G, 20LM class sealants.